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News for OCES staff and volunteers working with youth.


4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

June, 2017

Dear Educators and Volunteers,

As summer quickly approaches, many counties are preparing for 4-H Camp. Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding, unforgettable experiences in a child's life, helping prepare them for bigger, brighter lives down the road. In addition to great friendships and enduring memories, many important life skills are learned at camp.

Camp provides children with a community of caring adults who nurture experiential education that results in self-respect and appreciation for human value. All of the outcomes - self-identity, self-worth, self-esteem, leadership, and self-respect - build personal competencies. These personal competencies are reflected in the four "C's" of the camp community: compassion, contribution, commitment, and character! Parents often tells us that when their child returns home from camp they are more caring, understand the importance of giving, are more equipped to stand up for what they know is right, and are willing to be more responsible. These are the qualities that achieve the 4-H mission of developing healthy productive citizens.

Children are at less risk at camp where they have a sense of community, develop intergenerational relationships, and learn through first-hand experiences. Caring staff help children feel loved, capable, and included. Camp helps children grow by providing a supervised, positive environment that has their safety as a primary commitment.

Camp staff have enormous influence in conveying simple teachable moments...special moments of passing experiences touched by the human spirit. These fleeting moments of time build three significant 4-H values that are reflected in the benefits campers derive from camp.

4-H values people. The moments that result in the camp experience repeatedly express the value of people. We demonstrate that value through respect, honesty, caring, and sharing. Through the camp experience, young people learn to understand the strength of mankind while also developing an appreciation for the qualities required to protect personal relationships.

4-H values the natural world. We seek and appreciate what is real, genuine, and non-artificial. In seeking those qualities in people as well as in the actual world, we foster understanding of the importance of human connections as well as connections to our physical world. Campers realize the need to protect not only one another, but also the environment in which they live.

Finally, 4-H values a sense of contribution. Our contributions are both obvious and subtle. The benefits of our work are both immediate and slow to emerge. Although the experience itself is often fleeting, our impact lasts a lifetime. Never underestimate the simplest lesson or the briefest wink of time. It may be a star in someone's horizon for all eternity.

Adapted from: http://extension.psu.edu/4-h/counties/potter/news/2015/benefits-of-4-h-camp

To every educator, volunteer, parent, support staff, professional and 4-H member, I am GRATEFUL for you!!


Kevin Allen
State 4-H Program Leader & Assistant Director, OCES



National 4-H Arts Exhibition
“What do you See?”

Please encourage 4-Her's to take advantage of this opportunity.
Over three-thousand youth are enrolled in one or more of the Communication and Expressive Arts project areas of

  • Communication Arts: Graphics, Writing/poetry, Print, Story Telling, Film Making, Photography
  • Expressive Arts: Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts, leather, etc.
  • Performing Arts: Dance, Drama, Theater, Clowning, Mime, Music
  • Photography
  • Public Speaking

This is our fourth year to provide the "What Do You See?" opportunity to OK 4-H members. It's easy. Everything is electronically submitted - application, narrative, pictures of the art, recording of the music, etc. Exhibits can be submitted at any time during the year to be posted on the national WordPress site. Exhibits submitted by June 1, when possible, will be showcased at the State 4-H Parent-Volunteer Conference, State 4-H Roundup and other possible venues.

A copy of the criteria, application and past exhibits can be viewed at http://4h.okstate.edu/events-and-activities/state-events-activities/what-do-you-see. In February, a 4HOnline broadcast email went to families who had youth enrolled in Communication and Expressive Arts, Photography and other related projects.

What is taught through 4-H project work with a foundation in the arts?

Through 4-H project work, our goal is to assist youth in learning technical skills, nurturing creativity and encouraging personal self-expression. Just as important, is helping members understand the process of “evaluating” the arts, from both a technical as well as a subjective perspective.

Through the arts, youth learn life skills: critical thinking, learning to learn, stress management, self-discipline, self-motivation, marketable skills, accepting differences and communication. Through their project work we encourage them to think creatively and critically, to observe and interpret their surroundings, and to become comfortable with expressing thoughts and/or emotions through writing, music, dance, photography, performances, graphics, sculpture and many other visual media.

A national 4-H Interpretive Web Exhibition has been developed to showcase “What Do You See” projects. It is open for public viewing on WordPress https://4hwhatdoyousee.wordpress.com/.

Karla Knoepfli

Raise Your Hand for Oklahoma 4-H

Calling all Oklahoma 4-H alumni! We need our 4-H alums to raise their hand for 4-H by checking in as a 4-H alum in Oklahoma. Follow the link below to help Oklahoma 4-H win up to a $20,000 award from the National 4-H Council!


Kristin Knight

1st Annual Oklahoma 4-H Foundation Dr. Ron and Linda Sholar Essay Contest

The Oklahoma 4-H Foundation is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Oklahoma 4-H Foundation Dr. Ron and Linda Sholar Essay Contest. Ron and Linda Sholar are sponsoring this annual writing contest for Oklahoma 4-H members age 13 and older as of January 1, 2017. Please see the attached rules and entry form.

Blayne Arthur

Quilts of Valor/Under Our Wings

The January Focus on Youth http://oklahoma4h.okstate.edu/focus/2017/january/jan.html#wings included information on a wonderful Service Learning opportunity through a program called "Quilts of Valor" and/or “Under Our Wings.” To find a Quilt of Valor Mentor nearest the member/club/county visit their website to locate State Coordinators and/or the Who’s in My Area.

We want to highlight stories. Please keep me informed of members and/or clubs participating in this program.
4-H Quilting Curriculum: http://4h.unl.edu/4hcurriculum/fiber-arts

Karla Knoepfli



State 4-H Roundup

Join us July 26-28 to experience the 96th State 4-H Roundup. "Discover Yourself through 4-H" is this year's Roundup theme, where you will be taken on a safari adventure. Participants will be motivated by our keynote speaker, actively engaged in over 90 hands-on workshops covering topics from making money to making hot dogs. As always, youth will explore campus life, make new friends and have loads of fun!

This year all Roundup participants will reside in the University Commons, Oklahoma State University's newest housing option. The three Commons buildings house over 900 residents. The res hall floors are designed in a modified traditional layout, incorporating the best elements of traditional halls and suite-style living. University Commons offers double bedrooms in small groupings (6-8 rooms) sharing one community bathroom. Roundup participants will dine in the brand-new Commons dining hall, located just steps away from University Commons.

Roundup materials will be finalized by the first week in May. The deadline for registration materials to arrive in Ag Conferences will be June 15.

The cost for Roundup will be $135. Lodging for county night lodging (Tuesday) is an additional $25 per person. Reservations for County Night Out will be made with your Roundup Registration.

Cathy Allen, Kim Davis and Jeff Sallee

Roundup Communication Event - Adding a NEW category

4-H provides many opportunities for developing a variety of communication methods. Each method provides valuable life skills development.

Two years ago Photography and Graphic Arts were introduced, and interest continues to grow. The classes were taken directly from the Fair Book in an effort to assist youth in developing project(s) which can later be exhibited at the fair. The guidelines, resources and a score sheet are posted on the Roundup website.

This year we are introducing a new method of communication - Video Production.

Interview judging is being used with exhibitors in each of these disciplines. To learn more about this form of judging go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s594NX48p1s.

All exhibits are due before Roundup, because the judges review the exhibits before meeting with the exhibitor. During the interview with the judge, the photos/graphic art/video will be discussed, and the youth will share their creative experience and knowledge learned.

Exhibits must be in the state 4-H office no later than June 15.

Karla Knoepfli

AgSummit 2017

Oklahoma 4H AgSummit
Oklahoma State University
July 11-12, 2017
Ages 13+

The Oklahoma 4-H AgSummit is a new event designed to teach youth about emerging agricultural issues we will be facing as a society in 2050. 

Program Fee is $25 for two days and one night on campus. (This fee is subsidized by the 4-H Farm Bureau Professorship.) Conference participation will be limited to 80 youth and 20 adults. Chaperones will be required for each group attending.

Registration is due June 15, 2016.


  • Introduce 4-H youth to the agricultural challenge of feeding the world in 2050.
  • Challenge 4-H youth to join CASNR and personally address these future issues.
  • Task participants to return to their home communities and share this information with decision-makers or local agricultural boards in order to advance their citizenship skills.

Situation Statement:

Considering that by 2050 the global population will exceed 9 billion people, the question we need to address is, "In the context of changing climate and diminishing land and water resources, are we prepared to feed, clothe, and shelter everyone on Earth without wreaking havoc on the environment? It has been estimated that we will need to increase food production from anywhere between 50 and 70 percent or even double food production from today (October, 2014.)

Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) 

Upon returning home, the teams of youth and adults who participate from each county will be expected to make a 15-minute presentation to local stakeholders or an agricultural board (such as Farm Bureau.) During their presentation time, the 4-H youth will educate the board on emerging agricultural issues related to future food security, current research, and possible solutions.

Attached is the AgSummit registration form and flyer.

Jeff Sallee


Camp TURF is a two-week residential summer academy for youth who will be entering their ninth or tenth grade year this fall. This year's Camp TURF runs from June 4-16 and is free to attend. Participants stay in residential suites on the OSU campus and spend the days doing hands-on activities to explore career fields in horticulture and landscape architecture. In the evenings, recreational activities such as painting, swimming, bowling, etc. occur. The academy is sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and is available to any Oklahoma resident currently finishing 8th or 9th grade this spring, regardless of attendance at public, private, or home schools. The application is available at http://www.hortla.okstate.edu/camp-turf. Send completed applications to Dr. Shelley Mitchell at shelley.mitchell@okstate.edu. Applications will be accepted starting March 15, and participants will start being selected on April 1st until all 25 spots are filled.

Shelley Mitchell

Training and Staff Development

Thursdays at 3 pm resume on March 23 and will be conducted every other week. Please mark your calendar as information is pertinent to all staff with 4HOnline privileges as a county admin or county manager. Each webinar will be recorded for the convenience of your schedule and for future reference.

Mark the following dates on your calendar: 6/1

Join us at Adobe Connect http://dasnr.adobeconnect.com/fourhonline/

Karla Knoepfli

Description: https://www.4honline.com/App_Themes/WebSiteTheme/images/4hLogo.gifUpdated Help Sheets


Karla Knoepfli

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Sign up for National 4-H newsletters to stay connected with what's happening in 4-H. Get information about national youth events, programs and contests, read stories of youth impact, check out the latest curriculum, and buy 4-H apparel and club supplies. http://4-h.org/newsletters/#!features-panel-1

Kristin Knight

NAE4-HA Citizenship Webinar Series 2017-2018

All webinars take place at 1 pm CST

September 12, 2017 - What's happening around the world? (global citizenship)
By Chesley Davis, CEC 4-H Agent, University of Georgia


Extension educators and youth from around the world met in Ottawa, Canada in July at the 4-H Global Summit. Speakers and workshop presenters came from across the US and Canada as well as Finland, Scotland, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Pakistan. Each day focused on a specific topic: 1) Community engagement and communications; 2) science and technology; 3) sustainable ag and food security; 4) the environment and healthy living. Learn much more about this event and about how you can get involved in future global 4-H summits.

November 7, 2017 - Put kids and politicians in the same room and watch what happens: State and local government youth development programs (domestic citizenship)
By Darren Bagley, Extension Educator, Michigan State University


You will hear about three citizenship programs in Michigan:
Citizenship Academy - In most K-12 educational programs, youth learn a great deal about federal government, a small bit about state government, and very little about local or tribal government. Citizenship Academy teaches young people about county and/or tribal governments. We connect high school-age students with county and/or tribal leaders. Activities include touring and meeting with department leaders, locally elected officials. Then, the youth go through an issues identification process and present their recommendations to the elected officials.

Youth Conservation Council - A statewide group of young people select an environmental topic and present it to a state senate committee. The entire process is driven by the youth. Youth select the topic, run the meetings, gather the research, write the paper, and perform the presentation. The work of these young people has changed the laws of the state.

Capitol Experience - Youth learn about state government. They are divided into issues groups, roughly correlating to state committees and then the youth visit state agencies, lobbyists, legislative aides, and community organizations related to their topic.

Cathleen Taylor



Volunteer Conference of Southern States

All Aboard! 4-H Volunteers STEAMING Ahead!

Join volunteers from across the Southern Region for the annual Volunteer Conference. Program kicks off Thursday, September 28, and closes with breakfast Sunday, October 1. Over 20 workshop choices and educational sessions will be available.

Early bird registration is open through August 1. Registration is $295 and includes all meals from dinner Thursday through breakfast Sunday, onsite lodging, as well as all conference events. Register now and secure your spot for a great experience. Registration is online at https://secure.georgia4h.org/event/publicregistration/insertrecord.cfm?uuid=F74DC775-864E-413C-902D-AA8F9BF758B5

Karla Knoepfli

4-H Parent-Volunteer Conference

Theme: 4-H Volunteers: Let the Good Times Grow

Registration with workshops are posted at http://4h.okstate.edu/parents-volunteers/conferences . The conference will be publicized directly to families through the 4HOnline system. Please assist with distributing the materials to families who do not have an email address.

Early bird registration is $40. After May 26 the registration will be $50.

The 2017 State Parent-Volunteer Conference will be held June 24th in Stillwater. Conference objectives are:

  • Sow Inspiration - All Youth Need to BELONG - Creating environments where members are provided opportunities for relationships and to know they are cared about by others. Youth who experience Belonging, tend to be trusting and friendly people.
  • Feed Creativity - All Youth Need to Experience MASTERY - Creating opportunities for meaningful accomplishments where youth develop skills and confidence. Youth with productive opportunities to experience Mastery tend to become problem-solvers who are motivated and achievement-oriented.
  • Cultivate Integrity - All Youth Need to Practice Helping Others Through GENEROSITY - Creating opportunities to develop individual moral strength, learning to put the needs of others first and experience being needed. Youth who experience Generosity become caring and empathetic people.
  • Grow Communication - Creating opportunities to exchange thoughts, information or messages between individuals; sending and receiving information using speech, writing, gestures and artistic expression.
  • Harvest Confidence - All Youth Need to Experience INDEPENDENCE - Creating opportunities to be able to influence people and events and face consequences. Youth who experience opportunities to be Independent become confident and self-disciplined individuals, as well as capable leaders.

Karla Knoepfli


All due dates listed in this publication are the dates that county staff are to have items in the state 4-H office or other designated location. Each county will establish due dates prior to the dates posted here. These dates are set to accommodate things like screening of applications, processing payments, and adequate mailing time. All forms should be submitted through your county Extension office unless otherwise indicated. Forms that require an Extension Educator's signature may not be processed if mailed directly.