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August, 2017

Dear Educators and Volunteers,

A Thank You Letter To 4-H
And the green clover that made me
Blake Fox

Head, heart, hands, health. These four H's played a huge role in my life growing up. If you're not familiar with them, they're the four H's that make up 4-H, one of the largest youth organizations in the country. I was blessed enough to spend twelve years as a 4-H member and my time with the green clover had a huge impact on my life. After all these years I believe a thank you is in order to the organization that made me.

Thank you for the memories.
The more I look back, the more I realize so many of my fondest memories growing up revolve around 4-H. Instead of "This one time at band camp" for me and many of my closest friends it's "This one time at 4-H camp". Whether it be at camp, the county fair, leadership conferences or anything in between, my 4-H memories are some I'll never forget.

Thank you for helping me learn to be responsible.

One of the biggest lessons I learned in 4-H was how to be responsible. I had livestock that needed to be taken care of, work that I volunteered to do and I was an officer in several clubs. My animals relied on me for food, water, and other basic care. My club relied on me to help lead or guide them, to keep track of minutes and to budget as well as many other things. It made me mature and grow up but I never even realized it ‘til I was done.

Thank you for teaching me time management.

"I can't, I have 4-H," was a common phrase heard out of my mouth whenever people asked me to do things, especially during high school as I became more and more involved. I had to learn to balance out school, meetings, projects, homework, county fairs, camps, sports, various trips, family, and what often felt like so much more. I had to make sacrifices to be able to do everything I wanted, and sometimes that meant turning down that movie invitation or basketball game, but it was always worth it.

Thank you for giving me positive role models.
Everyone needs a role model and many of mine have also sported the green and white. As a kid, my role models were my club officers and my camp counselors who seemed so cool. As I started becoming more involved with the older youth programs I looked up to the older members and advisors. Even, today, when I'm asked who my biggest role models are I always respond with Hannah, my county extension agent turned state specialist. She and the other people I've looked up to have had a huge part in me becoming the person I am now.

Thank you for letting me become the role model.

One of my favorite parts of 4-H was working with little kids and younger members. I'll never forget the first time I helped a new member with her sewing project and her mother said, "She really looks up to you." I always wanted to be a positive impact on others lives and 4-H gave me the opportunity to do so.

Thank you for giving me a second family.

I say, family, not just friends because they truly became family. Words can't describe my love for the people I worked so closely with. My 4-H family was always there with open arms, helping hands, loving hearts and in true 4-H fashion, plenty of food. My friends that I made during my years as a member have become some of my very closest and I know I'll have these people for the rest of my life.

Thank you for making me into the person I am today.

I simply wouldn't be the person I am today without my time as a 4-Her.

I owe a lot to the green clover. It's given me countless friends, memories and life lessons. Tonight I'll thank God twice for all of the many things that He and 4-H have given me.

Article accessed at: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/thank-you-letter-to-4

To every educator, volunteer, parent, support staff, professional and 4-H member, I am GRATEFUL for you!!

Kevin Allen
State 4-H Program Leader & Assistant Director, OCES



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Kristin Knight

Training and Staff Development

Enrollment Updates

The 4-H enrollment packets for youth and adults have been revised for the 2017-18 program year. A committee of experienced support staff and educators from each district provided leadership to this process.

Do not use any enrollment form not dated for the 2017-2018 4-H year.

We continue to encourage all counties to transition to family management of their own enrollment, by entering and updating information directly in the 4HOnline system. This process will save valuable staff time inputting information.

June 22nd Trisha Gedon sent out an issue of "Clover Connection" for the July county newsletter. The content focused on re-enrolling. This suggestion came from the committee.

Youth Enrollment

  • New - Oklahoma 4-H program fee must be paid within 30 days of enrollment.
  • Enrollment Packet pages 5-8 (Health Form) - Same as last year, the Health Form is not required, but strongly encouraged.
  • Paper Form - The family is to keep pages 9 the Code of Conduct and page 10 the Informed Consent, Voluntary Waiver, Release of Liability & Assumption of Risks.

Volunteers Enrollment

  • Adult Re-Enrollment Form - Same as last year, form can only be used by certified volunteers re-enrolling. We encourage online enrollment, over paper enrollment so the volunteer becomes familiar with the system and can help families with online enrollment.
  • Health Form - Same as last year, not required, but strong encouraged.
  • New Volunteers - Same as last year, NO paper enrollment. These individuals must enroll through 4HOnline as they have screening information to complete. Staff are NOT to enter enrollment for a New Volunteer.
  • Teen Volunteers The application has been updated and posted online. As a reminder,"If interested in working with 4-H youth as a teen leader, a project or activity leader, a camp counselor, workshop instructor, district or state 4-H officer or in any situation that is unsupervised by staff or a certified volunteer, ..." the teen must be a certified 4-H teen volunteer.
  • Staff Serving as a Certified Volunteer - We will no longer collect Form 6 for OSU or Langston Staff serving as certified volunteers. The information is now contained in the enrollment packet/online.

2017-18 Membership Guidelines

Karla Knoepfli

Working with Minors Updates

Form Updates

  • Youth Participation Form 1 and Adult Medical Form 4 are now formatted the same.
  • Form 2 Rx Medication: There is no longer a Prescriptions Medication Form 2. It has been merged with Form 1 at the encouragement of a University Attorney.
  • Form 5 and 6 RISK and RELEASE OF CLAIMS, PUBLICITY RELEASE FOR USE WITH NON-CERTIFIED 4-H VOLUNTEERS: The two forms have been merged. Form 5 is to be used with Non-Certified Volunteers (employees and/or citizens) assisting with 4-H programming.

WWM and Title IV & IX Training
The office of Institutional Diversity has approved our combined WWM and Title VII and IX training for volunteers.

  • The two trainings have been merged for returning volunteers only. Volunteers will get ½ of each training every other year. Example: Odd year, training includes half WWM and half Title IX content. Even year, the volunteer gets the other half of each training. The recorded training will no longer be part of e-Xtension. The online training will be taken through 4HOnline.

On a regular interval all volunteers will be re-screened/re-certified. At that time, the veteran volunteer will complete both trainings in full, as if they were a new volunteer.

  • New volunteers and staff cannot use these combined sessions for their annual training.
  • We are working with the University to get the 4-H Youth Development WWM training uploaded to the OSU Talent site for annual training requirements.
  • New volunteers must do both trainings the year they are being approved.

Karla Knoepfli

Club Charter - ANNUAL Renewal of Club Charter

Process for annually renewing a club charter:

  • Club Charter Renewal Checklist (5/2015) - Completed annually by Extension Educator and Club leadership.
  • The renewal document is to be completed and uploaded to 4HOnline no later than August 15 each year. All documents for the 2015-16 4-H year are archived at midnight on August 31.
  • Notify the state office if the Club’s Charter status (page 3) needs to be changed before fall enrollment.

Need a Refresher? View 4HOnline Recording of a Th@3 Webinar - May 18, 2017 - Club Management: Volunteers and Club Records (48 minutes Adobe Connect) Handout
Instruction sheets:

  • Chartered Clubs - Managing club records in 4HOnline, including definitions of club status.(11/28/2016)

For additional information referred to in the 4HOnline instruction sheets on this page follow the links below.

For additional information on this topic see Chapters 2 and 3 of the Club Management System Manual http://4h.okstate.edu/for-educators/club-management-system/4HClubManagementGuide_Nov2014_revised.pdf

Karla Knoepfli

Description: https://www.4honline.com/App_Themes/WebSiteTheme/images/4hLogo.gif


4HOnline will close August 15 for annual updates.

No enrollment or data entry can be done during this time. The system will open for 2017-18 enrollment on September 1.

Between August 15 and September 1, the county can take paper enrollment and collect program fees for the 2017-18 program year.

The following must be completed by 5 pm on August 15.

  • All paper enrollment must be entered.
  • Youth and Adult enrollment in “Pending” status must be in “Active” status.
  • New Volunteer Enrollment - Certification process completed and the enrollment in “Active” status.
  • Volunteer Continuing Education - Training recorded on the volunteer’s record
  • Group Enrollment - 2017-18 Data entered.
  • Fee Transfer(s) completed - All program fees transferred to the state office.
  • Club Management - Notify the state office of any changes in a club’s Charter status (page 3) before Fall enrollment opens on September 1.

Karla Knoepfli

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Sign up for National 4-H newsletters to stay connected with what's happening in 4-H. Get information about national youth events, programs and contests, read stories of youth impact, check out the latest curriculum, and buy 4-H apparel and club supplies. http://4-h.org/newsletters/#!features-panel-1

Kristin Knight

NAE4-HA Citizenship Webinar Series 2017-2018

All webinars take place at 1 pm CST

September 12, 2017 - What's happening around the world? (global citizenship)
By Chesley Davis, CEC 4-H Agent, University of Georgia


Extension educators and youth from around the world met in Ottawa, Canada in July at the 4-H Global Summit. Speakers and workshop presenters came from across the US and Canada as well as Finland, Scotland, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Pakistan. Each day focused on a specific topic: 1) Community engagement and communications; 2) science and technology; 3) sustainable ag and food security; 4) the environment and healthy living. Learn much more about this event and about how you can get involved in future global 4-H summits.

November 7, 2017 - Put kids and politicians in the same room and watch what happens: State and local government youth development programs (domestic citizenship)
By Darren Bagley, Extension Educator, Michigan State University


You will hear about three citizenship programs in Michigan:
Citizenship Academy - In most K-12 educational programs, youth learn a great deal about federal government, a small bit about state government, and very little about local or tribal government. Citizenship Academy teaches young people about county and/or tribal governments. We connect high school-age students with county and/or tribal leaders. Activities include touring and meeting with department leaders, locally elected officials. Then, the youth go through an issues identification process and present their recommendations to the elected officials.

Youth Conservation Council - A statewide group of young people select an environmental topic and present it to a state senate committee. The entire process is driven by the youth. Youth select the topic, run the meetings, gather the research, write the paper, and perform the presentation. The work of these young people has changed the laws of the state.

Capitol Experience - Youth learn about state government. They are divided into issues groups, roughly correlating to state committees and then the youth visit state agencies, lobbyists, legislative aides, and community organizations related to their topic.

Cathleen Taylor


4-H Volunteer Fall e-Forums

The National 4-H Volunteer e-forum will incorporate the knowledge, experiences and resources of the national 4-H system to offer consistent, in-depth, relevant training for 4-H volunteers across the country. A webpage has been set up for Oklahoma Extension Educators.

The primary audience for the e-Forum is 4-H Volunteers who serve in a variety of roles such as club organizational leaders, project/subject leaders, committee members, and advisory boards. Youth volunteers are also welcome to attend the e-Forum programs. A secondary audience is 4-H Extension Professionals.

Three e-Forum sessions will be held the fall of 2017. Each session will begin at 6:00 p.m. (Central time) and will conclude by 7:30 p.m. It is recommended that each site invite participants to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.

2017 Topics and Schedule

October 5, 2017 - 6:00-7:30 PM (CT) - Cultivating an Environment for Growing True Leaders

Creating an environment where 4-H members feel safe as they grow and develop leadership skills means having volunteers who understand the basics of positive youth development. This session will feature ideas and activities that help foster life skill development by focusing on strategies for more effective club interactions. Participants will learn about the Essential Elements of 4-H and the 5 C's of positive youth development, so join us to set the stage for more successful club meetings!

November 2, 2017 - 6:00-7:30 PM (CT) - "STEM"ming into Animal Science, Growing True Leaders

Build on the roots of 4-H as we STEM our way into agriculture and animal science for experienced and new 4-H'ers. Gain resources to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) leaders through traditional animal sciences project areas in communities. Volunteers will gain ideas for planning and organizing fun, educational sessions for youth.

December 7, 2017 - 6:00-7:30 PM (CT) - Helping 4-H'ers Grow in Life and Work

In 4-H, all youth can explore their future. Club meetings, events, camps, and after-school programs are places to develop life skills and expand their interests through 4-H. During this session volunteers will share ideas, receive resources, and see a variety of successful programs that help youth focus on lifelong learning, workforce readiness, and career exploration. Caring adults can help all young people make decisions and create their own positive future.

Karla Knoepfli

Volunteer Conference of Southern States

All Aboard! 4-H Volunteers STEAMING Ahead!

Join volunteers from across the Southern Region for the annual Volunteer Conference. Program kicks off Thursday, September 28, and closes with breakfast Sunday, October 1. Over 20 workshop choices and educational sessions will be available.

Early bird registration is open through August 1. Registration is $295 and includes all meals from dinner Thursday through breakfast Sunday, onsite lodging, as well as all conference events. Register now and secure your spot for a great experience. Registration is online at https://secure.georgia4h.org/event/publicregistration/insertrecord.cfm?uuid=F74DC775-864E-413C-902D-AA8F9BF758B5

Karla Knoepfli

All due dates listed in this publication are the dates that county staff are to have items in the state 4-H office or other designated location. Each county will establish due dates prior to the dates posted here. These dates are set to accommodate things like screening of applications, processing payments, and adequate mailing time. All forms should be submitted through your county Extension office unless otherwise indicated. Forms that require an Extension Educator's signature may not be processed if mailed directly.