Interactive Demonstrations at OKC Fair - Food and Non-Food

2017 International Trip: Ireland, Wales and England



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June, 2016

Dear Educators and Volunteers,

The following was shared with me by a colleague in another state. I am a big fan of the Life is Good business and believed this is worth sharing as most of their "superpowers"are traits valued by Extension.

Margaret Case Little

Text Box:  Jacobs believes in superpowers. According to the Chief Executive Optimist, that's been the key to the success at Life is Good. These "superpowers" aren’t the kind you'd see in comics, but instead are core values that are baked into company culture - including fun, gratitude, compassion, authenticity, creativity and courage. In fact, Jacobs defines company branding in a simple way: "Knowing who you are and acting like it."

As part of his keynote address, Jacobs walked onto the stage in a T-shirt that reads "Champions of Optimism." And that's not just a catchy fashion statement - it's a way of life for the retail CEO. Many people ask Jacobs and his brother why they feel the need to focus on these altruistic values within their company culture. Well, here's the backstory.

"Our view of the world, our disposition, is really powerful. Children don't see the obstacles, just the opportunities," Jacobs continued. "As we get older, we have the tendency to become more cynical and pessimistic and lose that childlike openness. And Life is Good is about maintaining that openness. Our belief is that the best way to overcome obstacles is to focus on the opportunities."

In closing, Jacobs shared a personal story about the impact of the Boston Marathon bombings on his Boston-based company, which had several employees at the finish line, where the attack took place. "Optimism is most powerful when the darkness shows up," Jacobs said. In the wake of the tragedy, "there was more love than you can imagine." The Life is Good company decided to focus on the love by designing a T-shirt that said: "Nothing is stronger than love." In the first 60 days after the tragedy, the proceeds from the T-shirt raised half a million dollars for those who needed prosthetics.

"Life is not easy and life is not perfect, but those superpowers that we have access to every day - if we allow ourselves access and spread the joy every day, life is good."

To every educator, volunteer, parent, support staff professional and 4-H member, we say "Thank You" for your commitment and dedication to Oklahoma 4-H!


Kevin Allen
State 4-H Program Leader & Assistant Director, OCES



Interactive Demonstrations at OKC Fair - Food and Non-Food

At the Oklahoma State Fair, there are several opportunities for youth to do both Food and Non-Food interactive demonstrations. The Food Demonstrations will be in the kitchen area of the Creative Arts Building on Sunday, September 18, from 10 am to noon and Wednesday, September 21, from 6 to 8 pm. Demonstrations will be 30 minutes each, including setup and cleanup.

The Non-Food Demonstration will be in the 4-H area of the Creative Arts Building on September 17, 18, 24 and 25. Demonstrations will be assigned in two-hour time slots.

Forms and guidelines are available at If you need additional information, please call me at (405) 744-8891. The deadline for being considered is August 31, 2016.

Tracy Beck

2017 International Trip: Ireland, Wales and England

Because of demand, some spaces have been added for youth to the 2017 International Trip to Ireland, Wales and England! Currently there are two spaces remaining. Youth must be 15 by July 3, 2017, to register and in good standing in their county.

If you have youth in your county who want to go, please help them get the application completed, including the educator form, and send as a PDF to Cheryl Newberry. The application is posted on this website: Applications will be accepted on first come, first served basis.

Cheryl Newberry


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