CWF Presidential Inauguration 2017 - January 17-21, 2017

Call for National 4-H Hall of Fame MC and Entertainer

STEM Institute - Robotics and Digital Media - June 13-14

OK-4-H AgSummit 2050 July 12-14

State 4-H Horse Judging Contest

4-H Roundup Workshops Needed!

95th State 4-H Roundup

Oklahoma 4-H Junior and Intermediate Archery Contest and Senior FUN Shoot

REMINDER Roundup Communication Event



State 4-H Project Record Books and Scholarship Applications Due

Design Institute - Deadline April 27

"What do you See?" National 4-H Arts Exhibition



4HOnline Updates

REMINDER: The Role of Learning in Positive Youth Development - In-Service ID: 3061



4-H Volunteers: Developing Olympians



Welcome to 4-H

Focus on Youth

News for OCES staff working with youth.

4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

April, 2016

Dear Educators and Volunteers,

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people on earth today,
Two kinds of people no more I say.
Not the good or the bad, for it's well understood,
The good are half bad, the bad are half good.

Not the happy or sad, for in the swift-flying years,
Bring each man his laughter, each man his tears.
Not the rich or the poor, for to count a man's wealth,
You must know the state of his conscience and health.

Not the humble and proud, for in life's busy span,
Who puts on vain airs is not counted a man.
No! the two kinds of people on earth I mean,
Are the people who lift, the people who lean.

Wherever you go you'll find the world's masses
Are ever divided into these two classes.
And, strangely enough, you will find, too, I mean,
There is only one lifter to twenty who lean.

In which class are you? Are you easing the load
Of the overtaxed lifters who toiled down the road?
Or are you a leaner who lets others bear,
Your portion of worry and labor and care?”
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We all know leaners. They are the people we don't care to be around. They discourage us. They suck the joy from a room when they walk in. Each relationship in their life has only one side, theirs. They make constant emotional withdrawals without ever making a single deposit, leaving such a negative balance that we seek to avoid them altogether. They manage to find the bad in every situation.

We all know lifters. They are the people who we love to be around. They encourage us. They brighten up the room when they walk in. They give a hug at just the right moment. They know when to encourage us and when to just sit with us and be there. They find the good in every situation. They lift us.

The truth is, we are all capable of lifting, and we are all capable of leaning. It is a choice. And it's one we make every single day.

Are you going to be a lifter or a leaner today?

To every educator, volunteer, parent, support staff professional and 4-H member, we say "Thank You" for your commitment and dedication to Oklahoma 4-H!


Kevin Allen
State 4-H Program Leader & Assistant Director, OCES



CWF Presidential Inauguration 2017 - January 17-21, 2017

CWF Presidential Inauguration

Oklahoma will select a delegation of six 4-H members.
Attached application form must be postmarked by April 30, 2016.
Selected applicants will be notified May 16, 2016.
Payment must be received in state 4-H office by June 15, 2016.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Learn the meaning and importance of the Democratic process
  • Explore the history of the Presidency, the election process, and the role of the press
  • Discover the intricacies of the Executive Branch and careers in politics
  • Practice citizenship through service, civic education, and engagement

Application Process

  • Applicants may have attended CWF in the past.
  • Must by 16 years of age by January 1, 2017, to apply.
  • Complete attached application form, including 250 -500 word essay, titled: "Why is it important to take part in the Democratic Process?”
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from 4-H volunteer or 4-H educator.

2017 CWF: PI Cost: $1,750.00 per person, which will include:

  • Airfare
  • Chaperone expenses
  • 4 nights lodging
  • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 4 dinners
  • Transportation during the program
  • Shirt, drawstring backpack, button, lanyard, cold weather accessories

If you have question regarding CWF: Presidential Inauguration 2017, please contact Tracy Beck at 405-744-8888.

Tracy Beck

Call for National 4-H Hall of Fame MC and Entertainer

Plans are in the works for the 2016 National 4-H Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, scheduled for October 7, 2016, at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland. NAE4HA is soliciting applications for a 4-H member to serve as the master/mistress of ceremonies and one to provide entertainment (vocal or instrumental) for this event. Each state may only nominate one candidate for consideration as the master/mistress of ceremonies and one candidate to perform for the event. Applicants may be current 4-H members or 4-H alumni who are in college. The 4-H members selected to serve in these roles are responsible for the cost (transportation and lodging) to attend.   

Applications are due in the State 4-H Office by April 15, 2016.  The application forms are attached.

Tracy Beck


STEM Institute - Robotics and Digital Media - June 13-14

The 2016 STEM Institute will be held on the OSU Stillwater campus June 13-14. This year's training will give participants their choice between two educational tracts, Lego Robotics or Digital Media.

Fee Structure
$50 person will cover workshop supplies, four meals and snacks.
$85 per person to stay in the OSU suites, which is optional.

The training will begin at 10 am, June 13, and conclude at 3:30 pm, June 14, with approximately 12 hours of educational programming in between. The Robotics group will wrap up by working as a team to tackle Robotic challenges. The Digital Media group will end their program by reviewing videos and photo stories they have created during the training.

This should be a terrific experience for any group of 4-H members. The goal of this will be for the teams to return home and develop robotic and digital media clubs.

Registration is due May 15, 2016


Jeff Sallee

OK-4-H AgSummit 2050 July 12-14

OK-4H AgSummit 2050
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University
July 12-14, 2016
Ages 13+

The Oklahoma 4-H AgSummit is a new event designed to teach youth about emerging agricultural issues we will be facing as a society in 2050.

Program Fee is $80 for three days and two nights on campus. (This fee is subsidized by the 4-H Farm Bureau Professorship.) Conference participation will be limited to 80 youth and 20 adults. Chaperones will be required for each group attending.

Registration is due June 15, 2016. We are still securing departmental workshops. When those commitments are made, I will release the registration form. Currently we have workshops in

  • Biosystems and Ag Engineering
  • Animal Science/Food Safety/FAPC
  • Entomology/ NIMFFAB
  • Oklahoma Water Resources Institute

I expect more over the next week to finalize the program and give your participants workshop choices.


  • Introduce 4-H youth to the agricultural challenge of feeding the world in 2050.
  • Enhance 4-H youths’ understanding of the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, its scope, purpose, and mission.
  • Challenge 4-H youth to join CASNR and personally address these future issues.
  • Task participants to return to their home communities and share this information with decision-makers or local agricultural boards in order to advance their citizenship skills.

Situation Statement:

"Considering that by 2050 the global population will exceed 9 billion people, the question we need to address is, "In the context of changing climate and diminishing land and water resources, are we prepared to feed, clothe, and shelter everyone on Earth without wreaking havoc on the environment?" It has been estimated that we will need to increase food production from anywhere between 50 and 70 percent or even double food production from today (October, 2014.)”

Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

Program Overview:
Teams of youth and adults will attend a three-day conference held within the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural resources (CASNR) at Oklahoma State University. These teams will learn about the future of agriculture and the issues each academic department is addressing in order to develop students and research which will be used to provide an adequate food supply for future generations.

The participants will also learn how to apply for college, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities. While on campus the participants will get a taste of college life by staying in the dorms, dining in the student union, visiting the Colvin Center, and touring campus and departmental facilities.

The education of this program will come from personal interactions with CASNR departmental faculty and graduate students. Participating departments will offer participants three hours of educational programming teaching youth how they are addressing emerging issues related to future food security. Members will participate in three CASNR departments or interdisciplinary programs and learn about current research and innovation from their selected academic departments.

Upon returning home, the teams of youth and adults who participate from each county will be expected to make a 15-minute presentation to local stakeholders or an agricultural board (such as Farm Bureau.) During their presentation time, the 4-H youth will educate the board on emerging agricultural issues related to future food security, current research, and possible solutions.

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1, July 12  
9 am Registration and Dorm Check in
10 am Welcome, Overview and Introductions
Noon Lunch
2-5 pm First Departmental Program (Pre-Assigned)
5 pm Adjourn
7 pm Dinner
8 pm Colvin Pool
10 pm Dorms
10:30 pm Group meetings for reflection time
11 pm

Lights out

Day 2, July 13  
8:30 am


9 am to noon Second Departmental Program
Noon Lunch
1-4 pm Third Departmental Program
4 pm Workshop: Hunger Games
5 pm Adjourn for the Day: Dinner and evening activities on your own
10:30 pm Group meetings for reflection time
11 pm Lights out
Day 3, July 14  
8:30 am Breakfast
9 am Assembly: Presenting to Boards and Decision-Makers, CASNR Recruitment
10 am Break into local teams for presentation planning and brainstorming
11 am Team reports: Highlights and Back-Home Plan, Tentative Message from VP Coon: "Preparing for the Future"
Noon Adjourn

Please contact Jeff Sallee if you have any questions.

Jeff Sallee

State 4-H Horse Judging Contest

Attached is the registration form for the State 4-H Horse Judging Contest. It must be submitted through county educators. Sixteen students are allowed from each county, and we have a Junior 4-H and Senior 4-H division. We are also adding a novice division this year for 4-H'ers who are just getting started. Registration must be completed by April 5th, the Monday preceding the contest.

Kris Hiney

4-H Roundup Workshops Needed!

The 95th State 4-H Roundup is scheduled on the OSU campus July 27-29, 2016. The Youth Leadership Council, state 4-H office and Roundup Committee are committed to offering the highest quality educational program possible. We are looking for persons to present educational workshops to youth ages 13-18. The workshops need to be hands-on, motivational, upbeat and age-appropriate.

The workshop form is attached and can also be found at Please consider teaching one. Or, if you know of someone who does a quality workshop for youth, please forward this form to them. Workshop applications are due April 1, 2016.
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Tracy Beck at 405-744-8888.

Tracy Beck

95th State 4-H Roundup

Plans are underway for the 95th State 4-H Roundup. It will be held on campus July 27-29, 2016, with an optional "County Night Out" on July 26. The 4-H State Council has chosen the theme "Light Your Torch of Leadership." Materials are being posted to the state 4-H website as available and will be finalized by the first week in May. The deadline for registration materials to arrive in Ag Conferences will be June 15.

We will be housed in traditional housing (Drummond and Wentz) and in the Suites. A couple things to highlight again this year:
Only 400 persons will be housed in the Suites. Assignment to the Suites will be made as complete county registration materials are submitted. If you want in the Suites, make sure to get your registration in early!

Reservations for County Night Out must be made with your Roundup Registration

The cost for Roundup will be $118 for Drummond/Wentz and $135 for the Suites. County night out is $21 for Drummond/Wentz and $29.50 for the Suites. Watch for updates on the state 4-H website or contact Tracy Beck at 405-744-8891.

Tracy Beck

Oklahoma 4-H Junior and Intermediate Archery Contest and Senior FUN Shoot

The 2016 Oklahoma 4-H Outdoor Archery Contest for junior and intermediate 4-H archers will take place at the Payne County Fairgrounds Saturday, April 9th. This contest is for 4-H members using compound, recurve and Genesis bows. There will be team and individual awards in each age division for each bow type.

Pre-registration for junior and intermediate 4-H members is due into the state 4-H office by Monday, April 4th. Registration fee is $16 per archer, and checks are to be made out to 4-H Conferences.

Senior 4-H members will have a FUN shoot as their part of the archery contest. Seniors will participate in FITA, 3-D and Field Round. Top placing archers in each individual contest and overall will be recognized when awards are presented.

Pre-registration for senior 4-H members is due to the Payne County OSU Extension Center by Monday, April 4th. Registration fee is $16 per archer, and checks are to be made out to OSU Extension.

For additional information and detail contact Terry Nelson at the state 4-H office, (405) 744-9645.

Terry Nelson

REMINDER Roundup Communication Event

The 2015 Roundup Communication Event incorporated two additional methods of communication - Photography and Graphic Arts. The classes were taken directly from the Fair Book in an effort to assist youth in developing project(s) which can later be exhibited at the fair. The guidelines, resources and a score sheet are posted on the Roundup website.

  • Photography is a means of self-expression and creativity through the lenses of a camera. The exhibitor will illustrate and communicate mastery of photographic equipment, techniques, composition (elements and principles of art), lighting, storytelling, photo editing and processing through four photos.
  • Graphic Design is creating visual and written content, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. The designer develops the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, reports, digital billboard, webpage and even an electronic/digital game. The product's purpose may be commercial, educational, cultural or political.

The exhibitors at Roundup will meet with the judge to discuss the photos/graphic art, and to share the creative experience and knowledge learned. This is referred to as "interview judging." To learn more

Karla Knoepfli


State 4-H Project Record Books and Scholarship Applications Due

State 4-H Record Books for Level I and Level II projects are due into the state 4-H office by noon Monday, April 25th.  Oklahoma 4-H members that were 14 before January 1, 2016, can submit a project record book for judging to possibly end up being named a state project winner. A member may be no older than 18 years of age as of January 1, 2016, OR a senior in high school when they enter their project book(s) or special award program(s). State project winners are awarded $1,200 scholarships in each Level I and II project area.

Level II 4-H Project Record Books can be submitted by members who are still in high school and have been named a state 4-H project record book winner in previous years. Additional scholarship funds are available in these five special categories.

Level III Scholarships can be submitted by 4-H members who will be graduating high school seniors this spring. There will be twenty-two scholarships awarded, ranging from $500 to $1,200.  A standard 4-H scholarships form must be submitted, along with other required materials, by noon Monday, April 25th.

Level IV Scholarships can be submitted by full-time undergraduate college students who were 4-H members three or more years in high school. There will be 10 scholarships awarded, ranging from $500 to $2,000. A standard 4-H scholarship application form must be submitted, along with other required materials, by noon Monday, April 25th.

State 4-H Record Book and Scholarship winners will be recognized as part of the State 4-H Roundup Honor Night Assembly. Details about 4-H record books and scholarships are available on the State 4-H web page.

Terry Nelson

Design Institute - Deadline April 27

Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising will be hosting a conference June 27-30, 2016, on the OSU Campus. The cost is $125. The program is designed for 4-H members 13 and older, 4-H volunteers and Extension educators.


  • To learn and demonstrate sewing skills
  • To learn about characteristics of clothing quality
  • To inform about careers in apparel design and production
  • To attract 4-H youth/adults/educators to OSU/DHM/ADP
  • To initiate an Apparel Design Ambassador program where participants share their experience and enthusiasm with others in their district and home counties

Information and forms are posted at

Karla Knoepfli

"What do you See?" National 4-H Arts Exhibition

Exciting opportunity for talented 4-H members who write music, poetry and stories, draw, paint, sculpture, perform, make movies, take pictures, landscape design, etc….

The program goal is to expand the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and career exploration in the areas of communication and expressive arts through 4-H Youth Development efforts.

The exhibition encourages youth how to think, but not what to think. We want youth to look for ways to observe and interpret their surroundings and then to express their thoughts and/or emotions creatively through writing, music, art, photography, video or some other form of visual medium.

Criteria and application are posted online. These materials will be distributed to youth through 4HOnline if enrolled in Communication and Expressive Arts, Photography and other related projects.

Entries due June 1, 2016 and are submitted online.

Karla Knoepfli

Training and Staff Development

4HOnline Updates

The following instruction sheets have been added to the webpage:

Federal Definitions of Delivery Modes (3/17/16) -

Setting Family Profile Password - This feature will only be used when the county entered enrollment from a paper enrollment. Watch the instructional recording and download the Word document "Setting Family Profile Password." The information downloaded as an Excel file from 4HOnline will be merged to the Word document and distributed to families so they can set their own passwords. Once the family completes the task they will re-enroll through 4HOnline and manage their information.

  • Adobe Connect Demonstration "Family Set Profile Password" (24 minutes)
  • Transferring Family Profile and Enrollment Responsibility to the Family
  • Setting Family Profile Password - 3/2016

Group Enrollment Form (3/14/2016) - The form is an Excel spread sheet which will print as three pages. Create one spread sheet for each teacher/volunteer/agency. If repeat programs are done with the teacher or group, use the same spreadsheet and record the information for the second program on tab two, three and four respectively. The sheet can be started by the educator (teacher's name, address, date, etc.) and printed as a three-page document to be handed to the teacher for demographics. All information will be transferred into 4HOnline Group Enrollment.

REMINDER Volunteer Personnel Files - With the transition to 4HOnline all files for volunteers will be set up and maintained as part of the data management system. Paperwork (reference check, interview forms, etc.) and correspondence for the applicant will be scanned and uploaded as one (1) PDF document. This is a reminder that by September 1, 2017, all existing volunteer records (paper files) will be scanned, uploaded and housed within the individual's profile in 4HOnline.

If you have questions view the document "How to Add a New Family and ADULT Member" (9/9/15), as well as the instructions contained within the 4HOnline system on the "Additional Information" Screen.

Enrollment Clarification - Cloverbuds and 4-H Members coming of age between January 1 and August 31.

The following is an excerpt from the September 2015 Focus on Youth.

Cloverbud enrollment - Youth who turn five between January 1 and August 31 each year cannot be entered in 4HOnline because of system parameters. These individuals will have to enroll using the paper enrollment packet. The individual's enrollment cannot be entered in 4HOnline until the start of a new program year, when the system recognizes the individual as five years old.

4-H Member - Youth turning 9 between January 1 and August 31 can be entered in 4HOnline, but they will not show on any report as a "member." The system will recognize the individual as a Cloverbud. This will not change our position on enrolling youth as a member when they reach their 9th birthday. Their enrollment will be recognized because it will be logged in 4HOnline and a report can be generated to document enrollment. Enrollment examples:

Youth (third and/or fourth graders) enrolling for the first time who turn nine between January 1 and August 31 during the current program year will be considered nine for the entire year. Their enrollment will be entered in 4HOnline by the family or county office.

Enrolled Cloverbuds turning nine between January 1 and August 31 during the current program year will be considered nine for the entire year. No action will be required by the county office.

If you have questions or need assistance do not hesitate to ask.

Karla Knoepfli

REMINDER: The Role of Learning in Positive Youth Development - In-Service ID: 3061

The 2016 E-Academy professional development series will focus on learning. "The Role of Learning in Positive Youth Development" will be a 10-session online professional development series taking place from March 30 - April 27, 2016.

The e-academy is free and requires pre-registration. Registration is at

Karla Knoepfli


4-H Volunteers: Developing Olympians

Registration with workshops will be posted at by April 19th. The conference will be publicized directly to families through the 4HOnline system. Please assist with distributing the materials to families who do not have an email address.

Early bird registration is $40. After May 27 the registration will be $50.

The 2016 State Parent-Volunteer Conference will be held June 25th in Stillwater. The conference theme is "4-H Volunteers: Developing Olympians." Conference objectives are:

  • Developing Olympians through Positive Youth Development - Challenging our members to be productive and constructive while using and enhancing their strengths for the betterment of the family, club and community.
  • Learn by Doing - Practicing the 4-H Experiential Learning Model in all programming, activities and events.
  • Life Skills Development - Intentionally introducing planned life skills in the delivery of subject matter, club meetings, activities with the purpose of achieving specific results.
  • Marketing 4-H - The newest 4-H marketing campaign is "4-H grows confident, capable, and caring kids with the life skills to thrive in today's world and succeed in their boldest dreams for tomorrow." How can you effectively reach youth, families, volunteers and the general public with this message?

Karla Knoepfli




All due dates listed in this publication are the dates that county staff are to have items in the state 4-H office or other designated location. Each county will establish due dates prior to the dates posted here. These dates are set to accommodate things like screening of applications, processing payments, and adequate mailing time. All forms should be submitted through your county Extension office unless otherwise indicated. Forms that require an Extension Educator's signature may not be processed if mailed directly.